Njomza Salihi

Mass Communication

Njomza Salihi: After graduation at AAB, I got employed in the newspaper “Jeta në Kosovë”

Njomza Salihi, after she completed Bachelor studies in the Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism at AAB, she commenced working in the newspaper “Jeta në Kosovë”.

“During the three years of studying at AAB, I realised the importance of doing journalism and its impact, this made me to continue and love journalism more and more”, said Njomza, for the magazine “Alumni AAB”.  “At AAB, I had the opportunity to have the best professors, who critized and praised me, and tought me how to do journalism. My professors are known for the impact that they have in the Kosovo journalism, and most of them are media directors, chief editors, editors and media analysts”.