Njomza Pllana

Mass Communication

Yet another student from the Faculty of Journalism in AAB College finds employment as a journalist in Klan Kosova

Surely, while browsing through TV channels you have by now come across the work of Njomza Pllana, from Klan Kosova TV. After completing her internship, Njomza has joined the professional team of journalists at Klan Kosova.

Njomza Pllana has finished her bachelor studies at the Faculty of Journalism in AAB College. She recounts her experiences at AAB College, pointing out that during her studies, some of the lectures were delivered on different television stations from Albania and Kosovo, which has helped students to better familiarize themselves with the work of professional journalists.

“Studying at AAB College has helped me immensely; the professors especially took great interest in the students and their development. The professors while very diligent, were not the only ones who supported us, AAB College organized visits to the biggest television stations in Kosovo, which allowed us, the students to better acquaint ourselves with the profession of journalism.” said Njomza.  She also added that her three years of studies in AAB College have taught her a lot and completed her professionally.

It is worth mentioning that the students from the Faculty of Journalism in AAB College are finding employment in various institutions as leaders and directors of media, officials in public relations offices, editors, and journalists among many other important positions.