Shaip Bytyci

Main areas of his research interest are in the field of marketing and management. From September 2005 he has taught marketing courses and served as vice-dean of the Faculty of Economics at AAB .

Education: He completed his pre-university education in the economic secondary school in his hometown and graduated from economy at the Faculty of Economy of the University of Pristina (1986-89). He continued his studies and earned a MSc degree in economy (1989) at the University of Pristina, on the theme of “The role of marketing in the Mabetexenterprise.”  Between 2007 – 2010 he attended and completed his PhD studies at the University “SvetiKlimentOhridski” in Bitola with a dissertation on”Management – Implementation of marketing in service industries in Kosovo.”

Publications: He is author of dozens of scientific papers published in in various international journals; has participated in numerous scientific conferences in the field of economics held in Istanbul, Novi Sad, Tirana,Shkodra, Ohrid, Dyuni – Bulgaria, Skopje etc. He is co-author of several university books: Management of marketing – Marketing of services. Two textbooks are in the process of publication:  “Marketing strategy” and “How to write a marketing plan”. He has reviewed a university textbook on “Marketing”.

Teaching: He teaches courses of marketing and strategic planning at the AAB since 2005. Since 2005 he has been a visiting professor at the University of Prishtina;he taught classes of marketing in economy master courses at the State University in Tetovo(2011-2012). Between 2012 – 2013he was a guest professor at FON private university in Macedonia.

Trainings: From January 2005 he has served as atrainer at the Kosovo Institute of Public Administration (KIPA)covering modules of process management, training needs assessment, performance assessment procedures and rewards for work performance etc. He worked as a trainer of trainers  for the “Trainers’ presentation skills” module for the European Agency for Reconstruction (2007-2008). Since July 2010 he is an accredited trainer and consultant of the training scheme based on Vauqerve, provided by the Kosovo Ministry of Trade and Industry.From 2001-2004 he worked at the municipality of Lipjan, where he lead the Department for Planning and Urbanism and developed the Strategic Plan of the municipality of Lipjan.