a useful information for MA students

25 Nëntor 2016

Dear Senior MA students,

As you may be already informed professor Qatip Arifi is  the coordinator of MA Studies in the Department of English. He will in collaboration with the department Dean,  be the official liaison between the department and the graduate program on all matters related to the oversight and management of academic departmental graduate program. Prof Qatipi will also serve as a member of Graduate Committees and assist you with the formation and implementation of key graduate departmental policies and programs.

His duty besides this is coordinating student advising activities and coordinating advising requests. This includes identifying professors for mentoring and organizing mentoring hours, preparing research proposal models and identifying research areas.

In the days ahead prof Qatipi will provide you with more information. He will try to answer to all of your questions and requests soonest possible but the weekends! You can also see him in his office (building nr 5, 2nd floor in the English corner, or write him emails.

As for this time please be informed that according to the existing Book of Rules, you may NOT officially apply for a Master topic unless you have completed with your exams. Therefore, all the requests so far for this issue will be not be registered officially. But, this should not prevent you from establishing initial contacts with your would be mentors. In fact, any of your action toward this is highly appreciated because it will help you not to loose time.