AAB Faculty of Economics, as one of the best faculties not only in Kosovo but also in the region, has a primary purpose to develop students competencies linking economics, business, management and information technology. With these competencies they will be able to interact and compete in the global economy and play a key role in the creation and building of businesses and other organizations.

Our priority is quality teaching and research that can be made possible only through implementation of an effective teacher-studentrelation, access to the new technology and on-line resources, and support for the student. Our programs aim not only to repair the deficiencies inherited from the primary and secondary education, but also to prepare students for a competitive global market.

Research component and dedication to ensure the quality of our study programs presents a competitive advantage for the higher education institution, AAB.

Students will attend individual modules and will be endowed with theoretical and practical skills and a flexibility that stimulates their creative skills.

Academic staff